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Saipan poised to benefit from surge in Chinese tourists
Saipan is one of the best travel destinations for Chinese.
More and more Chinese will travel which will likely mean more tourists for Saipan, according to Imperial Pacific senior vice president for corporate services and communications Tao Xing.
Based on a new analysis by Bank of America Merrill Lynch, some 174 million Chinese tourists are expected to spend $264 billion by 2019 in comparison with the 109 million who spent $164 billion in 2014.
Tao said owing to Saipan’s proximity to mainland China, the island will be at the top of the list of Chinese tourists’ destinations.
Imperial Pacific is the mother company of Best Sunshine, Saipan’s casino investor.
Tao said compared to other islands in the Pacific, Saipan offers beautiful beaches and a pristine environment.
“It is a great opportunity for the island,” Tao said, referring to the projected growth of Chinese tourism.
Tao sees Saipan’s geographical location and its beaches as valuable and it should be promoted as a unique destination to attract premium travelers.
Tao said many Chinese tourists are looking for a tropical paradise for rest and recreation.
“Because of the unique resources that Saipan has, it can choose its visitors,” he added.
Citing the mainland United States as an example, he said during the winter, people head to Florida like migrating birds for its sunny weather and other attractions.
Tao said Saipan should try to attract visitors in such a way that they will return year after year.
He said except for Saipan, he could not think of any other tourist destination that offers Chinese travelers tropical attractions in a reasonable amount of flight time.
The CNMI, in addition, offers visa-free entry to qualified Chinese tourists.
  Source: Marianas Variety

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