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Lake Budi: A cultural adventure
Lake Budi is one of South America's only inland salt lakes.The lake and surrounding area are home to more than 100 native Mapuche communities,which is an ideal destination for those looking for a bit of culture adventure.

With wild rivers, towering volcanoes, and national parks chock-full of lush green forest, the Araucanía Region is a go to destination for those looking for a bit of adventure.
Unbeknownst to many visitors though, this region in southern Chile is also the heartland of the country's indigenous Mapuche. Those looking to connect with a different culture and experience through their traditions an ancient way of life, need look no further than Lake Budi.
Lake Budi is one of South America's only inland salt lakes. It sits along the Araucanía's northern coast, just south of Puerto Saavedra and Buca Budi. It's a beautiful, rustic setting for a journey into another culture.
According to the organization Mapuche del Lago Budi, the lake and surrounding area are home to more than 100 native Mapuche communities, many of whom are involved in actively sharing their way of life and traditions with interested visitors.
Opportunities exist to spend the night in a traditional ruka, which is a Native American dwelling made from wood and other natural materials found in the area. Guests to the region can also watch and even participate in an ancient game of Palin – a game similar to field hockey that has been played for hundreds of years. Authentic Mapuche meals can be shared with local families, where you can learn about how they are prepared as well as their rich culinary history. Traditional ceremonies and dance also play a big part in the experience.
The region itself is quite picturesque. Horseback riding, fishing, hiking, and other activities are available to be done with local Mapuche guides, who can share with you the rich history of the area and the story of the land. They can also identify the special flora and fauna unique to the region's salt lake ecosystem, such as the more than 150 species of bird that call it home.
Getting there
By Bus: Buses can be taken from Temuco, the region's capital city, to the rural bus terminal in Carahue. In Carahue, buses leave often for Puerto Dominguez and Puerto Saavedra.
By car: Puerto Saavedra can be reached via a short 83 kilometer drive from Temuco. Once in Puerto Saavedra, take the road to Boca Budi. From there you can easily access the lake's loop road which provides access to the area's attractions.
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