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Chinese travelers' tax free shopping continues to soar
According to the "Hurun Report", Chinese shoppers account for 20% of total global expenditure on tax free shopping and these figures will be incease year on year.
According to the “Hurun Report”, travel becomes the most common leisure activity among Chinese millionaires, with more than 60% choosing this as their preferred way to spend their free time, and this percentage is increasing year after year. Besides, shopping trip is also the undisputed hot topic among the millionaires’ travels.

Chinese shoppers Account for 20% of total Global Expenditure on Tax Free Shopping
For the second consecutive year, Chinese travelers take top spot in terms of tax free shopping, accounting for 20% of all tax free shopping purchases made within Global Blue, an increase of 3% compared to that of last year. The percentages of tax free shopping by other nations has remained consistent over the last two years.

Chinese Tax Free Shopping Continues to Increase Year on Year
Consumption among Chinese travelers has significantly increased, up 59% in 2011 from 2010, although slower than the 81% seen last year. The annual growth rate for Chinese consumption on tax free shopping is more than 50% over the past 3 years, which is 2 times the growth rate of spending by all global travelers.

Not only is France the most popular international travel destination for the Chinese millionaire, it also accounts for the largest proportion of consumption spent on tax-free shopping across the globe, making up about a quarter of Chinese global consumption. Singapore, Germany, England and Italy each account for approximately 10% in the past year, the average amount spent on shopping by Chinese tourists was 813 Euros, an increase of 44% over the last two years. In contrast, the average spend on shopping by global travelers has remained relatively stable, increasing only 12.5% within the last two years.

Watches and Jewels Most Favored by Chinese Travelers
Chinese millionaires’ luxury goods purchases are concentrated in watches, then jewelry, in addition, it is of no surprise that more men bought electronics whilst more women bought cosmetics, jewelry, clothes and accessories.

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  Source: Hurun Report

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