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Chinese tourists to Argentina will reach 100,000 per year by 2015
Argentina hotel offers Chinese catering service and professional staff to meet Chinese tourists' needs.
In recent years, as increasing Chinese tourists travelling to Argentina, part of Argentina hotels offer Chinese catering service, and recruit Chinese staff to meet the needs of tourists from china.

According to the statistics from Argentina tourism ministry, last year 25,000 Chinese tourists visited Argentina and each of them spent around US$8000 at average during the trip. It predicts that there will be 100,000 tourists visit Argentina per year by 2015.

Ernesto Fernandez Taboada, executive director of Argentine Chinese Chamber of Commerce President said, in order to attract tourists from China, some top hotels in Argentina cooperate with Argentine Chinese Chamber of Commerce launching a series of services for Chinese tourists. Some hotels also adopted certain policies to adequately receive Chinese guests, including providing Chinese TV channels in rooms and Chinese food for breakfast, lunch and dinner, employ Chinese waiters and managers etc., to satisfy Chinese tourists.

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