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Bob Marley Day Concert in Beijing!
The Embassy of Jamaica in China celebrated Bob Marley Day 2012 as well as kick started Jamaica 50th Independence Day celebration on February 4, 2012 in Beijing, China.The scene atmosphere of the concert climaxed repeatedly.
The Embassy of Jamaica in China celebrated Bob Marley Day 2012 as well as kick started Jamaica 50th Independence Day celebration on February 4, 2012 in Beijing, China. This was made possible by collaborating with Meiwenti (it mean no problem in Chinese) Sound System, along with Ultimate Productions. Representatives from the Jamaica Tourist Board based in Kingston and the Bob Marley Foundation and Museum were in Beijing to celebrate the Life of Bob Marley; Abijah was the entertainer from Jamaica for the evening. He represented a piece of Jamaican Culture that the crowd loved.
Famous Jamaican rocker singer Abijah's first concert in China, the scene atmosphere climaxed repeatedly. 
The Ambassador of Jamaica His Excellency E. Courtenay Rattray thanked everyone for coming out and emphasized the legacy of Bob Marley and that Jamaica as a nation will be celebrating their 50th birthday in 2012. A few North Americans in the Crowd said how cool the Ambassador was; because he was clad in a Bob Marley T-shirt and signing his music.
Ambassador of Jamaica H.E. Mr. Courtenay Rattray(right), ex-director of Jamaica Tourist Board Mr. Howard McIntosh(left) and GM of Bob Marley Foundation and Meseum Mrs. Jacqueline Lynch Stewart(middle) took a group photo.
Robert Nesta Marley (Bob Marley) is a Jamaican reggae ‘prophet’. Born and raised in Jamaica, he has done so much for the country that the impact is hardly even known by Jamaicans living on the rock. This Man should be made a National Hero; no other country should celebrate or benefit from him more than Jamaicans. 

People gathered in Beijing and Jamaicans were in the minority celebrating this man that is larger than the National Honors that we bestowed on him.  A few of his accomplishments included: He was posthumously inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1994; In December 1999, his 1977 album "Exodus" was named Album of the Century by Time Magazine and His song "One Love" was designated Song of the Millennium by the BBC in 1999; In 2001, he was posthumously awarded the Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award.

Tunes like Redemption Song; Get Up, Stand Up; No Woman No Cry; I Shot the Sheriff; One Love resonated with the crowd. The Bob Marley Concert/Day ended with Abijah asking the crowd to hold hands as we sing the lyrics to One Love.
As a cooperator assisting to publicize this event, CBN has been highly praised by Jamaican Commercial Counselor Miss Jacqueline Bell.
China Business Network, a leading international media organization, as well as World Travel Online supported and reported this event with great effort.

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