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The Second Joint Tourism Promotion Event of Croatia and Slovenia Was Successfully Held in Shanghai
After the sucessful event last year, the second joint tourism promotion event of Croatia and Slovenia was successfully held in Shanghai on 18th April.
With the theme of “Experience Croatia, Feel Slovenia”, the second joint tourism promotion event of Croatia and Slovenia was successfully held in Shanghai on 18th April.

To get more information about the abundant tourism resources and products as well as to meet the leading incoming services of those two countries, about 150 attendants as senior tourism officials, travel trade professionals together with famous travel medias took part in the tourism presentation and B2B workshop. 

Officials from Croatian National Tourist Board, Slovenian Tourist Board and
spokesmen from both Embassies took group photo with World Travel Online staff

Data released by officials showing Croatia and Slovenia became the hottest destinations of the Chinese tourists. Ms. Karmen Novarlič, from Slovenian Tourist Board and on behalf of Slovenian Embassy in China, indicated a 46% increase of Chinese tourists travelling to Slovenia in the year 2010. 
On behalf of Slovenian Embassy, Ms. Karmen Novarlič from Slovenian Tourist Board gave keynote speech Mr. Branko Gacak from Croatia Embassy in China welcomed more Chinese tourists travelling to his country
To continue the great success achieved by the visa-free policy, Croatian government decided to stick to this policy for another year, which was highly praised by the tour operators when announced by Mr. Branko Gacak from Croatian Embassy. Besides, he is counterpart Ms. Karmen Novarlič figured out that the Slovenia visa will also be convenient as this country is already a Schengen country.

Known as the “Pearl of Mediterranean”, Croatia embodies rich culture and great potential in tourism industry. Numerous forest parks, special protected areas, natural fishing villages, beautiful waterfalls, green islands as well as intangible cultural heritages are all the key points that attract tourists from the whole world. After shared those charming pictures with all attendants, Mr. Branko Gacak sincerely welcome more and more Chinese tourists to Croatia to experience its Mediterranean flavor. 
Spokesman of Slovenian Tourist Board Mr. Klemen Zavodnik introduced the Slovenian tourism resources Chinese tour operators showed great interest in tourism resources and products of these two countries

“As the only country in Europe covered Alps, Mediterranean, Pannonian Plain and Karst, Slovenia enjoys great verity in tourism resources and holiday activities.” Mr. Klemen Zavodnik said, “Besides the mighty mountains, well protected historical cities, mysterious caves, beautiful seashores and some 10000 kilometers of marked hiking trails laid out across Slovenia, there are also lots of cultural activities all around the year. With countless museums, theaters, art