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David Shields, the visionary marketing professional brought Jamaica to China is going to lead the Island Routes in the Caribbean
The Jamaica Tourist Board has confirmed that David Shields, the visionary marketing professional brought Jamaica is going to lead the Island Routes in the Caribbean.

The Jamaica Tourist Board has confirmed that David Shields is leaving the post of Deputy Director of Tourism with responsibility for Marketing to head the destination-management arm of Sandals Resorts International's Island Routes

Mr. Shields was visionary in term of envisaging the growing potential of the outbound travel market of China. He led the first travel and tourism delegation from Jamaica visiting China and literally brought Jamaica the beautiful but unfamiliar destination to China, indeed leading the way of the Caribbean destinations with tourism promotion in China.  Not surprisingly Jamaica was the first Caribbean destination to have won the prestigious “CTW Welcome Award”.


David Shield accompanied by Ambassador of Jamaica to China receiving CTW Welcome Award

 Mr. Shields together with other delegates from the Caribbean met up with vice Chairman of CNTA during the CITM Gala Dinner where World Expo 2010 campaign was launched

Mr. Shields was also instrumental in materializing the first Fam trip of invited Chinese tour operators, travel media as well as Chinese Rock Star Cuijian that not only raised the profile of Jamaica among the outbound travel trade in China but also promoted the destination to millions would be Chinese travelers via the most prominent travel media. The celebrity effect of Chinese Rock Star also helped to promote Jamaican star Bob Marley and Reggae music in China.

Dr. Wu, the Chief Operating Officer of China Business Network which has been supporting JTB’s marketing activities in China commented “ when David first visited China most Chinese probably did not know where Jamaica was or what it offered however, the marketing strategy that Mr. Shields deployed in China not only has successfully promoted Jamaica as a favorite   tourism destination and also a country which provides the world with the exclusive blue mountain coffee and the land of ‘flying man’ Usain Bolt. As a result many more Chinese wish to visit and experience Jamaica in person.”

As the new General Manager of Island Routes which already covers key destinations in the Caribbean Mr Shields will be ideally placed to spread his expertise in tourism marketing to benefit many more destinations of the Caribbean as well as catering for many more foreign visitors to the region.

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