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Broadband penetration drives China's online travel market
Broadband penetration drives China's online travel market

The large number of broadband Internet users in China, combined with an exponential increase in mobile subscribers, is paving the way for travel-related companies to introduce rich media and mobile applications. According to the relevant data, an impressive 84% of China's 300 million Internet users now have broadband access.

It is found that as the Chinese population has become increasingly well-connected to the Internet, they exhibit a clear preference for online media content. Among other things, this shift suggests considerable opportunities for applications in the travel search, shop and buy process.

China has emerged as the largest broadband user market in the world. At the same time, there are more than 650 million mobile users in the country. Together, these two facts point to a tremendous opportunity for companies in the online travel space to create and deliver practical and dynamic tools and services to China's increasingly sophisticated travelers.


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