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New Zealand Prime Minister Promotes Tourism on China Visit
New Zealand Prime Minister Promotes Tourism on China Visit

New Zealand hoped China could become its third largest source of inbound tourists, New Zealand's Prime Minister John Key said here Friday.

When attending the celebration marking the 10th anniversary of New Zealand's becoming a destination for Chinese tourist groups, Key said the number of Chinese citizens traveling to New Zealand reached 112,000 in the past year, an increase of nearly six times compared to the figure ten years ago.

The visiting Prime Minister said the two peoples considered each other's country as an ideal tourist destination, and the two countries extended a warm welcome to each other's tourists, which would be conducive to promoting people-to-people relationship, and enhance the two sides' common development in tourism, trade, education and business.

New Zealand was renowned for its beautiful natural scenery and clean environment, fine and good wine, and it was also home to extreme sports, Key said, adding he thought New Zealand was the most livable place in the world.

He said there were many Chinese settling down in New Zealand, where Chinese restaurants could be seen everywhere.

China was now the fourth major source of tourists for New Zealand.

New Zealand's Bureau of Tourism said outbound tourism from China was expanding and the market was maturing. 

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