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Attracting outbound Chinese tourists
Attracting outbound Chinese tourists

It's April the skies are sunnier, and many people are dreaming of their next holidays. Representatives of tourism bureaus from around the world and many ambassadors to China converged in Ditan park on Friday.

Ambassadors of Jamaica, Grenada and Mexico, as well as delegates from forty tourism bureaus from countries including Hungary, Spain, Tunisia, Finland and the US, summed up th

e unique charms of their countries. They also presented their new initiatives for tourists from all around the globe.
Among initiatives making the news: Mexico Airlines will open the first direct flight route between China and Mexico, which may bring a surge of Chinese travelers to Mexico. And Switzerland will take advantage of the European Football Championship in June to arrange sports themed activities for visitors.

Feng Hui, Staff Member of Swiss Tourist Bureau, said, Sport is an important theme both for China and for Switzerland. Swiss Tourism Bureau will hold a series of sport themed activities for travelers, including making the arrangements for Chinese football fans who wish to see the European Football Championships in Switzerland.

This party was organized by Beijing Radio 87.6, which has two daily travel themed programs. The organizer says foreign travel agencies are increasingly interested in China's potential tourist market.

Shao Jun, Organizer, said, It's the second year that we're holding such a tourism promotional activity. Last year about twenty agencies attended, but this year the number has risen to forty.

China has one of the highest number of outbound tourists in the world. Travel agencies cater their tours for people in accordance with different economic status and tastes. So why not reward yourself with a trip overseas? There must be a place and a tour plan that is suitable for you.


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