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CNTA released the latest data on China outbound travel
CNTA released the latest data on China outbound travel

The China outbound travel data of 2007 has been unveiled by CNTA.

According to the latest release of China National Tourism Administration China outbound tourists reached 40.95 million in 2007 which represent 18.63% increase from 34 million in 2006.

The highest growth was recorded to African destinations with  36.15% anual growth, followed by Asia with 20.10% increase.  double digit grow was also recorded to Oceania destinations 11.46%; despite the lack of ADS agreement until begining of 2008 America received more than 1.02 million Chinese visitors. Europe received over 2.04million with 7.43% increase.  Now with USA having effected ADS agreement and the enlarged Shangen areas in Europe it is certain that China's outbound market will be larger and growing faster. CNTA alsready forecasts that the number of outbound travelers is expected to increase to 45 million this year. World Tourism Organization i.e. UNWTO revised its forecast of China reaching 100 million outbound visitors by 2015. Not surprisingly the outbound market in China is opening up even wider.


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