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Kenya Airways Plans To Cooperate With China Southern Airlines
Kenya Airways Plans To Cooperate With China Southern Airlines

Kenya Airways disclosed that they plan to cooperate with China Southern Airlines to launch interline transportation services and add a daily flight to Guangzhou by next year.

Kenya Airways only chose Guangzhou as the route destination in China mainland areas because this booming city is strongly eager to explore trade cooperation with Africa. The company reportedly will not add flights from Beijing or Shanghai to Africa and will instead put all additional flights into the Guangzhou market in the coming several years.

Kenya Airways plans to add a daily flight from Guangzhou via a third country or Dubai to Africa in April 2008, and by 2010, they will open non-stop flights between the two destinations.

With interline transportation service between these two airlines, all of passengers taken by Kenya Airways' flights to Guangzhou, can connect to any place within China through China Southern Airlines' flight network. Meanwhile China Southern Airlines' passengers going to Africa can also reach any place in Africa by using Kenya Airways' flight network.


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