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Air China sees Dubai for second hub
Air China sees Dubai for second hub
Air China has revealed plans to create a second hub in Dubai in order to feed traffic from Asia to the Middle East and through to Africa according to the Dubai Department of Tourism and Commerce  Marketing. The Beijing-based carrier, which currently operates four flights a week between Dubai and China`s capital, hinted that a twin-hub strategy could be enforced as early as 2008, in time for next summer`s Olympic Games in Beijing. "Air China has big plans for this region in terms of making Dubai a huge hub. This should happen before next year`s summer schedule is announced," as Air China said. "Air China would eye routes from Dubai to key Middle East and Africa hubs." Air China started operating between Dubai and Beijing in 2004. Load factors on the route hit the 60 per cent mark in 2005 and last year averaged 79 per cent. Air China planned to establish a medical tourism division to harness the interest in traditional Chinese medicine and therapy.

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