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New MoU signed! Tanzania to welcome 10,000 tourists from China
Tanzania Tourist Board and Touchroad International Holdings Group have signed the memorandum of understanding that is going to be implemented soon in May this year.
According to the statement given by the Chairman Judge of Tanzania Tourist Board, Thomas Mihayo to the journalists on March 12, the board signed the memorandum of understanding in December 2018 under which Touchroad International Holdings Group would market Tanzania's tourist attractions to China and bring to at least 10,000 Chinese tourists in 2019.
Mihayo said that the first batch would comprise of Chinese celebrities, investors, business personnel, media persons and tour operators. The first would have 312 tourists. A total of 30 investors will also be in the first group of tourists, said Judge Mihayo, calling upon members of the business community to grab the chance, The Citizen noted.
From May to December 2019, Touchroad International Holdings Group will be bringing in 262 Chinese tourists every week, reaching the goal of 10,000 tourists as agreed in their memorandum of understanding with Tanzania Tourist Board.
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