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10 hot tourism topics for Chinese people
Chinese people's enthusiasm for tourism will soon be fired up, as an eight-day holiday will start Oct 1 and continue through Oct 8. The break combines both the National Day holiday and the Mid-Autumn Festival, traditionally a time for family reunions.
According to China's travel platform Mafengwo, travel topics regarding the National Day holiday on the platform are buzzing. The topics' search volume surged by 210 percent in August, compared with July.
Chinese people are changing their travel goals from visiting scenic spots in a hurry to enjoying a leisurely lifestyle in new places, Feng said.
Delicious food becomes an important factor in domestic tourism destination picks. About 67 percent of tourists will consider this when selecting places to travel.
Mafengwo said during the upcoming National Day holiday tourists will mainly come from first- and second -tier cities.
This year, outbound travel remains sizzling. The average outbound tourism package price is 7,906 yuan for this year's National Day holiday, an increase of 45 percent from the same time a year earlier.
Popular outbound tourism destinations are Japan, Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, Vietnam, Malaysia and Maldives.
Based on data from Headlines Today, or Jinri Toutiao, a news aggregator app, here are 10 hot tourism topics Chinese people focus on during the National Day holiday.
No 1 Travel safety
No 2 Consumption
No 3 Circle of friends
No 4 Outbound traveling
No 5 Suburban traveling
No 6 Mid-Autumn Festival
No 7 Traveling in off-peak periods
No 8 Traveling with family
No 9 Eight-day holiday
No 10 Watching autumn landscapes
  Source: China Daily

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