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Chinese women love outbound tourism more than men
In China, the biggest outbound tourism market, women are more willing to travel abroad than men, according to a report issued on Monday.
Titled "Market Research Report on Chinese Outbound Tourist Consumption (2014-2015)," it was released by the Beijing-based World Tourism Cities Federation.
It stated that the number of Chinese outbound tourist trips reached 109 million last year, up by 11 percent on the previous year while accounting for 9.58 percent of international tourists.
Among all outbound travellers, women account for 58.5 percent, 17 percent higher than men, the report said, adding that shopping is a must-have on their agenda.
The post-80s generation has the largest share of outbound tourists, with a portion of 44.89 percent, followed by the post-70s, with a portion of 25.72 percent. The two groups account for 70 percent of outbound tourists, most of whom are well educated, married and have minor children, so their outbound trips are aimed at broadening perspectives.
The number of post-90s outbound tourists exceeds the post-50s and post-60s groups respectively.
  Source: Ecns

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