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New Zealand Tourism Go for High Value Tourists
New Zealand Tourism Go for High Value Tourists

New Zealand tourism has adopted the policy of attracting more high-value, high-spending tourists than backpackers, according to news reports.

In his address to the American Chamber of Commerce, Rob Fyle, chief executive of Air New Zealand, claimed the country 'cannot or will not' compete with other countries to attract tourists.

"By 2003 the UAE visitor numbers has grown 600 percent compared to New Zealand's growth of only 100 percent."

Fyle criticized the government's policy which 'attracts only a few and beloved by the few' who can stay in the five-star accommodation.

Defending the government's policy, tourism minister Damien O'Conner said New Zealand is more concerned with the quality, and not quantity of tourists coming to the country. "We do not want the country overrun by backpackers."

Though New Zealand lack true world-class, five-star hotel accommodation it can offer quality accommodation, supporters say.

Jonathan Knox, whose company Qualmark rates New Zealand accommodations, told the New Zealand Herald: "New Zealand gives its visitors 'Three Tiffany boxes' instead of 'big box of glass jewelry' experience."

Chief executive of the Hospitality Association, Bruce Robertson, said most visitors to the country choose mid-level accommodation. "There is no demand for five-star accommodation."

"You may not want to stay in a one-star hotel overseas, but here you have to be world-class just to get a one-star rating," added Knox.

According to Qualmark, New Zealand has a total of 188 five-star accommodation establishments, which includes seven exclusive lodges in Glenorchy and nine five-star star hotels in Auckland.


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