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Travelers can ask travel agencies for compensation from a travel quality guarantee fund should problems occur.

Travel agencies must tell customers the reasons why they cannot travel at least three days before the scheduled departure as long as the latter have paid a deposit. Otherwise, the travel agencies are subject to a fine and must refund 10 percent of the charge.

Travelers can cite direct economic losses if they miss their plane, ship or bus due to travel agencies’ mistakes.

Travel agencies must provide a refund if travel guides change or reduce the schedule travel activities without permission, and will be fined the same amount of money.

Travel agencies will have to meet the cost if travel guides add special meals, amusements and medical health care without permission. If guides ask for tips, travel agencies must compensate travelers twice the amount paid.

Once complaints, either in written or oral form, from travelers meet the Temporary Measures on Travel Complaints, travel quality-inspecting departments should handle the case immediately. They should inform travelers the results within a certain period. The complainants should receive a response in written form within 30 days. If not considered satisfactory, the travelers can appeal within 15 days after receiving the information.

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