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The British Museum Audio App successfully launched in the Chinese app market
The British Museum Official Audio Guide App is now available on the Chinese app market. Whether it's the exhibitions or collection, visitors can get to grips with them at any time and any place through the APP, which provides an easy and convenient guide to the exhibitions in the British Museum.
The British Museum Audio App has made its debut in the Chinese app market with the support of China Business Network and its World Travel Online. This exciting development offers Chinese smart phone users an immersive way to experience the rich history and cultural treasures housed in the British Museum through the convenience of their mobile devices. 
This audio app provides users with the opportunity to explore and gain insights into the museum's extensive collection, enriching their appreciation of global heritage and history both during their museum visit and at any time they choose.

Explore The British Museum with the Official Audio Guide App

Discover the British Museum's treasured collections, carefully curated by the museum's experts. This app offers professional insights into 250 remarkable exhibits, with complimentary curator introductions for 65 exhibition halls. Whether online or offline, embark on themed tours that take you on a journey from ancient Egypt to medieval Europe, uncovering the diverse cultures along the way. Build your personal showcase by adding your favorite exhibits to your collection.
Access practical visitor information, including the latest interactive maps, to plan your museum tour and explore the highlights.

Download and Installation

The British Museum Audio App is now available for iOS devices on the Apple App Store in China. The Android version is accessible on the Xiaomi App Store, Vivo App Store, Wandoujia Mobile Assistant, PP Assistant, Baidu Mobile Assistant, Galaxy Store and Oppo Store, with availability on other brand-specific app stores coming soon.

User Guide

  • Thematic Tours
Explore themed exhibitions, from the museum's top collections to specialized displays like the Ancient Egypt Exhibition. Each tour comes with audio guidance, leading you through the collections while unraveling their stories and historical context.
  • Explore the Collections
Browse high-definition images of exhibits, plan your museum tour according to cultural and thematic categories.
  • Immersive Audio Guide
Delve deeper into the stories behind each of the 250 museum pieces with audio commentary. The app offers a free audio sample feature so you can preview the audio quality and commentary style before purchasing. Once purchased, you can experience an in-depth exploration of every corner of the British Museum, enriching your visit with historical and cultural insights. Additionally, the app provides multimedia content, including background images and curator video explanations for numerous exhibits.
  • Online Maps
Use the map icons on the app to navigate with ease, ensuring you don't miss any exhibition halls or displays. The online maps offer detailed and accurate guidance, making your visit a breeze.
  • Language Support
The British Museum's official guide app currently supports Chinese, English, French, Italian, Spanish, and British Sign Language.
  • Audio Guide Icons
The official guide app covers 250 exhibits in the permanent exhibition halls. When you see the audio guide icons on or near exhibits, simply input the exhibit number into the official guide app to access the audio commentary and read more about the exhibit.
  • Pre-Download
Due to the unsteady internet signal within the museum, it is highly recommended to pre-download the guide content before your visit to ensure a smooth and efficient viewing experience.
  • Collections
While browsing the museum's collections using the official guide app, click the heart icon in the bottom right corner to add your favorite exhibits to your personal collection, creating your own showcase within the British Museum.
  • Hall Search
No matter which exhibition hall you are in at the British Museum, simply enter the hall number to access exhibition information, ensuring an efficient visit.


Single-language Audio Guide Package: RMB 49 (Promotional Price)
Thematic Audio Guide (Single Language): RMB19-RMB29

Travel Tips

When visiting, please bring your headphones. If you wish to purchase headphones on-site, it is available at the Guide Desk and the British Museum shop.
It's essential to remember that The British Museum can get crowded, and internet signals may be unreliable, so it's highly recommended to pre-download the audio app content before your visit. 
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