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West China's Chongqing Wushan County kicks off tourism festival as leaves turn red

CHONGQING, China, Nov. 19, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- It's again the time to enjoy a sea of red leaves in west China's Chongqing Wushan County. The 14th China Chongqing Yangtze River Three Gorges (Wushan) International Red Leaves Festival opened on November 20. During the festival, Wushan County in Chongqing will launch 13 red leaves tour routes and more than 20 interactive experience activities.

There are nearly 200 varieties of red-leaves trees such as Cotinus coggygria and maple trees in Wushan, with a total area of more than 1.2 million mu, of which more than 150,000 mu are concentrated in patches. The period to enjoy red leaves can last as long as three months, from early November to January of the following year. In Wushan, it is a mixture of colors in mid-autumn, dominantly red in late autumn and flamboyantly red in early winter, according to Wushan County Publicity Department.

Among the scenic spots to enjoy red leaves in China, Wushan is unique as it has the most characteristic features, largest growing area, most varieties, most beautiful landscape, longest viewing cycle, highest viewing value, best combination of landscape and most flexible touring choices.

Chongqing is located in the southwest of inland China and the upper reaches of the Yangtze River. It is the only municipality in the central and western regions. Wushan County is located in the eastern part of Chongqing City and in the heart of the Three Gorges Reservoir Area, standing across the Wuxia Gorge. It is known as the gateway of northeast Chongqing.

Wushan was Wujun of Chu State during the Spring and Autumn Period and the Warring States Period, and was changed to Wu County in Qin and Han dynasties, which was about 2,297 years ago. The Yangtze River gave birth to the "Wushan people" in Longgupo 2.04 million years ago and the Daxi civilization 5,000 years ago. Since ancient times, the place has never failed to inspire poets. Many literary giants such as Li Bai, Du Fu, Bai Juyi, Liu Yuxi, Lu You and Wang Anshi traveled to Wushan, leaving more than 6,000 poems which are still read nowadays.

In addition to its splendid civilization, Wushan is also famous for its beautiful scenery, long gorges and deep valleys. The Three Gorges is 700 miles long, with the Wu Gorge being the longest. Wu Gorge is the most wonderful landscape gallery along the Yangtze River, integrating canyons, red leaves, landscapes, clouds, villages and ancient sites. There are the Three Gorges featuring canyons and river scenery. There are small Three Gorges with exploration, leisure and rafting tourism as its main features. There are a cluster of scenic spots represented by the Goddess Peak.

In autumn and winter, Wushan features clouds, rivers, mountains and red leaves, presenting a magnificent landscape in which wide lakes in the high gorge and red leaves over mountains add radiance to each other. Lush forests, flourishing red leaves, and layers of clouds flowing in the mountains make Wushan a fairyland on earth.

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