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Chinese tourists increasingly choose Armenia for new discoveries
Nearly 14.500 Chinese tourists visited Armenia in 2019 compared to the 8430 in January-October 2018.
In the recent period the number of Chinese tourists visiting Armenia has significantly increased. According to statistics, in 2018, compared to 2017, the number of Chinese tourists, who visited Armenia, increased by 59.9%. Growth dynamics also existed in 2019, as nearly 14.500 Chinese tourists visited Armenia compared to the 8430 in January-October 2018. Armenia’s state policy, the active work of the private sector contributed to this process.

Founding director of Sotu Travel LLC Sona Sahakyan is working in the tourism sector already for several years, mainly on the direction of China. She told Armenpress that there is huge potential in this direction but is not fully utilized which means that active works are needed to be done.

“Chinese tourists perceive Armenia as the homeland of Noah. They may not know much about Armenia, but when you say the homeland of Noah, they mention Armenia. We take the Chinese tourists to all beautiful sites of Armenia. We include Etchmiadzin, UNESCO heritage sites in the tours”, she said.
Sona Sahakyan said Chinese tourists like the Armenian cuisine a lot. They like very much the Armenian lavash, soups, vegetables, and of course, the barbeque.

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