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Ningbo, Zhejiang and Taiwan Launch Cultural Tourism Exchange

NINGBO, China, June 25, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Between June 10 - 16, for the first time, Ningbo Culture and Tourism delegation travelled to Taiwan for a week of official exchange and promotion. The trip was organized by Ningbo Municipal Bureau of Culture, Radio, Television and Tourism. The integration of culture and tourism between greater Ningbo and the island of Taiwan signifies a landmark occasion.

The topography between Ningbo and Taiwan are quite similar, in addition to the cultural roots shared across the sea. For over a decade Ningbo and Taiwan have engaged in official exchange of tourists between the two destinations. During their stay in Taiwan, Ningbo Culture and Tourism delegation introduced the city's main urban and scenic sites.

For the city of Ningbo, 2019 is a major step forward in establishing the city as a regional and international tourist destination. Thus, the Ningbo-Nantou Tourism Year promotion was launched in 2019, including the promotional event which included a meeting at the Yinghan Hall of the scenic Sun Moon Lake in Taiwan. Over one hundred delegates from Taiwan and Ningbo participated in the conference activities on June 12, discussing cultural and travel exchange logistics, tourism programs, and opportunities. Lin Mingqin, head of Nantou County, who just visited Ningbo in May, said at the meeting that the two sides share the same ancestry and language, and he has high expectations for tourism cooperation between the two sides.

On the afternoon of June 11, Ningbo Xikou Tourism Development Co., Ltd. led the unveiling ceremony and the naming of the "Ningbo Xuedou Mountain" cruise ship at Sun Moon Lake Cruise Terminal. As a result of the ship naming, Xuedou Mountain and Xikou Scenic Area will gain exposure in the following three years, especially given that Sun Moon Lake is the most prestigious landmark tourist attraction in Taiwan.

Over the week, the representative delegates discussed tourism, trade and cultural exchange between Ningbo and Taiwan; exploring effective ways and logistics for the interaction of tourists between the two places; and detailed plans of potential travel exchange, travel exhibitions and the development of "weekend mini-tour" routes between the two destinations.

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