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2019 Ningbo Tourism Promotion Activity successfully held in Korea

SEOUL, South Korea, May 29, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- 2019 "Unlock the Maritime Silk Road, Embark on a Ningbo Adventure" Cultural Tourism Promotion Activity was held at Seoul Plaza, Korea on May 20, 2019. The activity promoted the image of the Chinese seaport city, Ningbo, by leveraging the opportunity of participating in the "Sunchon Visit Year China Week" Cultural exhibition.

The cultural tour attracted professors and students from Hongik University, Seoul International Studies University and other universities in Seoul, receiving a great ovation from the crowd. Many students recognized the Chinese city, Ningbo, which opened new opportunities for the internationalization of Ningbo Cultural Tourism Publicity.

With the theme "Unlock the Maritime Silk Road, Embark on a Ningbo Adventure", the event displayed the tourism image of Ningbo -- "Living fossil of Maritime Silk Road" in various forms, including songs and dances, local operas, instrumental music performance to teachers and students, foreigners and cultural enthusiasts in Seoul. From the traditional Chinese folk custom Ten-mile Red Dowry, to the unique Ningbo Opera performance, from the lively instrumental performances of "Horse Racing" and "Jasmine" to the show of traditional handicraft skills of Ningbo-Porcelain Repairing and Ningbo Embroidery of gold, silver and colorful twine, all performances attracted passers-by to watch and applaud. And before this event, 5 similar cultural performances had already been successfully held by the Ningbo delegation at the invitation of the municipal government of Sunchon, Korea.

Ningbo, with a history of nearly 1,200 years and rich cultural heritage, is a typical water town and a port city in the south of the Yangtze River in China. It is the eastern beginning port of "Maritime Silk Road" and the eastern end of "the Grand Canal of China". Recent years have witnessed efforts by local authorities on digging into its culture, including port history, Buddhist characteristics and merchants' stories. In the coming decades, the city will further build itself as a high-quality global tourism destination.

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