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Hilton Worldwide is Busy Preparing for an Influx of Chinese Tourists
HILTON Worldwide is busy preparing for an influx of Chinese tourists to Queensland over the next decade.
Hilton Global Vice President Paul Hutton in the Brisbane Hilton.
HILTON Worldwide is busy preparing for an influx of Chinese tourists to Queensland over the next decade.

The company’s vice-president of operations, Australasia, Paul Hutton, was in Brisbane recently, and was keen to spruik the company’s Huan-ying program, tailored specifically for Chinese guests.

“At Hilton we’ve been working very hard on our China readiness, it’s absolutely crucial,” Mr Hutton said.

“What we are seeing is Queensland enjoying the largest increase of Chinese visitors, 33 per cent growth year on year compared to New South Wales, which is about 24 per cent.”

Hilton Huanying is a global strategy, but Mr Hutton – who was previously the company’s regional general manager for China South – said the company expected it to play a significant role in the Queensland market.

It includes Mandarin interpretation services, tea kettles, slippers and Mandarin-language television channels in rooms, and Chinese breakfast options.
“There are many drawcards to Queensland, such as the Great Barrier Reef and the beaches,” Mr Hutton said.

“The Chinese are generally coming here for an experiential trip, for blue skies, blue water, green mountains and the shopping.”

“Plus, with Hong Kong Airlines coming into Cairns, and Southern China Airlines to Brisbane flights ... all those factors, are really impactful.”

Hilton Worldwide’s strategy echoes that initiated by Tourism and Events Queensland last year, which revealed a 10-year plan to attract Asian tourists to the Sunshine State, with China a priority.

“China has a burgeoning middle class, many who are looking for a new experience and, for the first time, leaving China,” Mr Hutton said.

“Or in many cases they’ve done the first short trip – they’ve done a Malaysia trip, been to the Philippines, Vietnam, Cambodia – and now they’re ready to take a longer-haul trip.

“It’s about getting the level of comfort right, its more than green tea and chopsticks and slippers, though that’s all there.”
  Source: Courier Mail

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