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PORTUGUESE PRESIDENTIAL VISIT: China, Portugal to lift strategic partnership
The Chinese president Xi Jinping received the President of the Portuguese Republic, Cavaco Silva, in Beijing.China and Portugal will strengthen the furthering tourism cooperation.
The Chinese president Xi Jinping received the President of the Portuguese Republic, Cavaco Silva, in Beijing. According to a TDM report, both leaders showed interest in furthering bilateral relations and expressed a willingness to establish closer ties.

This year marks the 35th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between both countries. Recalling the 35-year history, Xi said the two nations have treated each other equally with mutual respect and trust, and handled bilateral ties from a strategic height and a long-term perspective. The two sides have solved the historical issue of Macau and set a good example for the world, said Xi.
Cavaco Silva chose to emphasize that the political relationship between Portugal and China has never been as good as it is now. Nevertheless, he recalled that there is a need to reinforce the strategic partnership between the two countries. He also hinted that Portugal is willing to assist Beijing in its relations with Europe.

The two leaders also talked about Macau, with both stressing that relations between China and Portugal could have only been established because “the past was well solved,” particularly when it came to the transfer of sovereignty back in 1999.

Tourism was another topic addressed in the meeting, as both countries are committed to further developing this area. Cavaco Silva stressed the need to establish direct connections between China and Lisbon.

According to Xinhua, Xi called the current China-Portugal ties "the best" in history and said the two sides should continue to maintain the momentum of high-level visits, expand cooperation between governments, parliaments, political parties and boost local and people-to-people exchanges.

"China congratulates Portugal on gradually stepping out of its debt crisis," said Xi, adding that his country will continue to support Portugal by expanding bilateral trade and mutual investment, promoting cooperation in areas such as energy, electricity, finance, environmental protection and new energy. He also called on both sides to conduct cultural exchanges and enhance coordination in international affairs.

China and Portugal could explore possibilities of a trilateral cooperation with Africa or either Latin-America via a mechanism like the Forum for Economic Trade  Co-operation Between  China and Portuguese-speaking Countries (Forum Macau) to contribute to the peace, stability and sustainable development of these regions, Xi said.

After visiting Shanghai over the last three days, the Portuguese president traveled to Beijing to meet president Xi. On his first day, he visited the Forbidden City.

He told reporters that back in 1987 he had the opportunity to visit the city without journalists or a large group of people accompanying him. “So at that time I went in all those rooms. It was a different kind of visit,” he said.

As Cavaco Silva and his wife listened to the tourist guide information on the Forbidden City, the president commented that he has no doubt that “isolated power isn’t a good thing.”

“Fortunately today, the power is amongst the people, because the power serves the people. The Forbidden City, in a way, suggests that the power is isolated (…) fortunately today things are different and that is why we no longer have emperors,” he stated.

The Portuguese president arrives in Macau tomorrow. He will be received by the Chief Executive, Mr Chui Sai On.
  Source: Macau Daily Times

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