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The best adventure holidays for 2014
Being one of the most challenging maritime routes in the world, Cape Horn is selected as the best destinations to visit in 2014 is
For those who like their travel to be exciting, the publisher Lonely Planet has published a list with the best selection of destinations to visit in 2014 and has included the legendary Cape Horn (southern tip of Chile) as one of the not to be missed experiences for the more daring.
Cape Horn is one of the most challenging maritime routes in the world. Those who manage to travel the 5,400 nautical miles separating the Falkland Islands from the city of Auckland in New Zealand via Cape Horn can claim to have seen the biggest waves in the world.

Before the Panama Canal was built, all ships traveling from Europe or America had to navigate the famous Cape Horn and many of them never reached their destination. For adventurous sailors this represents the greatest challenge and is a feat worth treasuring.

Other destinations mentioned in this ranking of the best adventures around the world are: crossing the Kamchatka region in Russia by kayak; rock climbing in Yangshuo, China; traveling through Myanmar by carriage; or doing stand-up paddle boarding on the beach in the Dominican Republic, among others.

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  Source: Turismo Chile

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