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LAN Resumes Boeing 787 Flights out of Los Angeles
LAN Airlines recently resumed daily operations of its Boeing 787 aircraft that flies between Los Angeles (LAX) and Lima, Peru with continuing service to Santiago, Chile on July 18th. LAN Airlines, which has taken delivery of three 787 aircraft from the 32 it will receive in the next nine years, was the first airline in the Americas to receive the Boeing 787.

"We are very happy to resume flying our Boeing 787 out of Los Angeles, the most modern and environmentally friendly aircraft of its kind in the world. Today, we have three 787 and will welcome two more this year, giving more of our passengers the opportunity to experience the benefits of flying onboard this airplane. In the future, our goal is to gradually incorporate more 787s into service in our extensive network of destinations," said Ignacio Cueto, CEO of LAN Airlines.

The cabin configuration aboard LAN's 787 has 217 seats in Economy and 30 seats in Premium Business.

The All-new Cabin of the LAN 787 and the Travel Experience
LAN has applied the latest in design trends to the 787 cabin with a focus on a comfortable experience with the charm of South America. These have been inspired by the warm colors and textures of South America and reflect the attention to detail, reliability, and warmth that characterize the Company. In terms of onboard entertainment, passengers traveling on the LAN Boeing 787 will enjoy new features including high-definition screens using the latest touch technology new data ports compatible with tablets, cell phones, digital cameras, and USB devices.

Committed to caring for our customers and the environment, this aircraft offers:
- An innovative, modern and harmonious design.

- With electronic auto-dimming windows and dynamic lighting to create a better atmosphere. Thus, preparing the passenger for the different stages during the flight (day, night, etc.), and for the time zone to which it is arriving.

- Larger windows: the windows of this aircraft have up to 40% more surface area than current windows, which will allow all passengers (in all rows) more visibility during the flight, giving them a better view.

- Overhead bins with 30% more storage space for carryon luggage.

- The aerodynamics of the Boeing 787 incorporates technology that reduces the impact felt by the passenger due to turbulence. In addition, the pressurization of the cabin to a lower altitude (6,000 feet instead of 8,000) would result in the reduction of headaches or other symptoms a passenger might experience when flying.

- The cabin includes new air humidification techniques, significantly reducing fatigue and dryness associated with long trips.

- The passenger may have a more enjoyable trip thanks to the technology in their engines that make them less noisy from both inside and outside the aircraft.

Some of the environmental benefits of the 787
- An emission of up to 20% less of CO2 than similar aircraft.• Up to 40% less noise footprint than similar aircraft on takeoff, the period of greatest noise in flight.• 50% of the structure is a carbon fiber composite material, which makes it a first in the industry, this material being more resistant to fatigue and corrosion. This allows, moreover, that the manufacturing process will produce less non-recyclable waste.
  Source: Lan Airlines

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