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Going to New Zealand To Become Easier
Going To New Zealand To Become Easier

The Sino-New Zealand Free Trade Agreement will make it more convenient for Chinese people going to New Zealand. New Zealand will offer more opportunity for Chinese to study and work there.

Under the agreement, New Zealand will give 800 work permissions to herbalist doctors, Chinese chef, Chinese teachers, martial arts coaches and Chinese tourist guide. It will also allow at least 1000 Chinese people to work in 20 occupations including IT engineers and auditors. Chinese technicians are required to get related certificates or master certain technics that New Zealand is in need in a long term.

Meanwhile, New Zealand has issued a scholarship plan for overseas college students, it welcomes Chinese students in New Zealand to apply.

Tim Gibson, CEO of New Zealand Trade & Enterprise said "The most advantageous sectors include bio-technology, agriculture and environment sciences. We also have a short-term exchange plan, letting more Chinese young people come to New Zealand to study and work and strengthen bilateral ties."

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